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HKSOPA |Eight Methods of intelligent Turtle

Eight Methods of intelligent Turtle (靈龜八法子午流注盤) is a method of eight flight point selection, an earthly branch-prescription of point selection, an adopted son time injection point selection, twelve regular spouse combination daily point selection, a kindred point opening, an earthly branch-prescription of point selection for twenty-four minutes ebb-flow one point, or the combination of any two can be searched out by adopting an upper disk, a middle disk, and a lower disk which can relatively rotate. The disk has the advantages of high speed, and wide range of point selection.The utility model relates to a method of application of acupuncture acupoints disk. The product aimed to imitate traditional Chinese medicine book and promote Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. The key visual illustrated in traditional Chinese characters, and also adopted vertical writing and straight lines. 

Client: The Hong Kong Society Of Posterior Acupuncture
Visual Designer & Illustrator: Michelle M. Tang


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