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The Kaleidoscope V2 | Halftone

The Kaleidoscope V2 - Halftone. The printing experience showcased a combination of 10 different uncoated virgin pulp coloured papers and 2 specialty dry Inks from Iridesse production press. Paper included the new colours from Arjowiggin’s Keaykolour, Curious collection Metallics and P Polypak.

Papers from Antalis: 10 Keaykolour - Carmine 300gsm, 20 Keaykolour, Navy Blue 300gsm, 22 Keaykolour - Matcha Tea 300gsm, 25 Keaykolour - Holly 300gsm, 40 Keaykolour - Basalt 300gsm, 44 Keaykolour - Albatross 300gsm, Metallics Peacock 300gsm, Metallics Abyss 300gsm

Papers from Polytrade: GATEWAY - GT200 200gsm, SAND CLOTH - Deep Purple P04 270gsm


Iridesse production press dry ink: 1k, PMS 877


Printing vendor: Makingkee

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