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lululemon | Practice takes Practice 

Chinese Lunar New Year is a world-wide holiday that we want to celebrate with our guest.  It is all about gifting, receiving and making your own luck via various well-wishing traditions between family & friends. Lululemon had the desire to educate their customers with the concept of what practice is, and what the different expressions mean off the mat.


The idea of “practice takes practice” have been adopted to the concept of key cultural moments by linking 10 chinese traditions to 10 ways of practice, hence coming up with the key chinese message of “十全十美” (10 fulfillments 10 beauty). To resonate with the idea of “十全十美”, 10 different practices that are related to Chinese culture and the Lunar New Year festival itself. Each visual contains different values and the reasons behind them and were adapted to various applications.

(Photo credits: Branding Records) 




Client: LuLu Lemon
Agency: Branding Records
Creative Directors: Jacopo Pesavento, Gabriele Zanoni
Art Director: Janelle Ng
Graphic Designer: Joanne Leung
Visual Designer: Michelle M. Tang


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