Living Alone | 혼자 산다

“I had a black dog, his name was depression.”


— Do you know that mental disorders affect one in four people around the world? Treatments are available, but two-thirds of people with a known mental disorder never seek help from a health professional. Where there is no understanding, there is neglect.  At its worst, depression can be a frightening, debilitating condition. Millions of people live with depression. Many of these individuals are afraid to talk about their struggles, and don't know where to turn for help. 

When you told people about your black dog, they didn't understand. They said you are stupid, dumb because you had the black dog. Not having the support to get through depression is the hardest thing. It's like bring dragged through a line of gasoline, while you're on fire, and the things pulling you are your ambitions to be a good girlfriend, be a good friend. It's to be the best person, so the people around you can't tell that you are suffocating inside. But, who wants to be friends with someone who can barely breathe? 

The worst thing about depression it is that the worse it gets the more you desperately want and appreciate the things you can no longer feel like love, memories, friendships, imaginations. As it get's worse you can only reflect the opposite of what you want. When all you want is love all you feel is bitter, when all you want is your mind back you can't even put two damn thoughts together.

‘Living Alone’  is a visual journal of a young adult who lives with a black dog, including illustrations, short stories and poem to depict her journey. Printing executions are composed with Curious Collection’s Skin paper with specialty dry Inks from Iridesse production press, including Skin - Black & Pure White.

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