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Falling Rainbow

Showcased a combination of 8 different uncoated virgin pulp coloured papers with 3 specialty dry Inks, Falling Rainbow included ten symmetrical patterns that depicted the idea of ideal visual balance and repetition created by forms. 

Papers from Arjowiggin’s Keaykolour: 02 Keaykolour Indian Yellow 120gsm, 04 Keaykolour Meadow 120gsm, 07 Keaykolour Pumpkin 120gsm, 09 Keaykolour Guardsman Red 120gsm, 05 Keaykolour Prune 120gsm, 19 Keaykolour Royal Blue 120gsm, 24 Keaykolour Atoll 120gsm

Iridesse production press dry ink: PMS 871, PMS 877 Silver

Printing vendor: Makingkee

IMG_6788 2.jpg
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