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CHUAN POPO is an authentic Sichuan restaurant in Hong Kong. In order to become a contemporary and welcoming brand, we carry out a revamp of the brand from their identity, physical assets, digital assets and environmental assets. Currently, the CHUAN POPO Hot Pot Stores commonly attract local people, mostly office workers around the area and also spicy food lovers. The CHUAN POPO Noodle Stores, moreover, attract a lot of local students around the area. Situated in an international city, CHUAN POPO is seeing the potential of expanding their market to tourists and also other foreigners in Hong Kong. Therefore, CHUAN POPO is trying to refresh their brand image into a more contemporary, friendly and approachable restaurant. Besides, CHUAN POPO also sees the potential in attracting a younger audience group, from high school students to college students. Taking some local restaurants (SchoolFood & The Dining Room) as examples, college students nowadays are willing to spend money on restaurants with a fresh branding and modern style.

Indigo Awards 2018 - Gold

Designed by Michelle M. Tang & Charlie Yip

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