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BFAB | Born From A Boombox

The origin of street dance in Hong Kong was beginning in 1999, and it was strongly influenced by Hip Hop music and break dance from foreign country. The first generation of Hong Kong street dancer mentioned that this activity was not really popular and acceptance from the society was below average. However, there was a sudden change in the situation due the raise of Dance movie.  Dancer always wising to have a kind of special clothing that are tailor – made according to their own ideas and inventive inspiration. They want to wear something that’s good looking and comfortable when attending dance classes/events.​​​​​​​ BFAB is an idea of local street apparel brand that design t-shirt for dancer. Since t-shirt is one of the common and fashion clothing, it's suitable to wear in Asia due to hot weather, it's simple but powerful, also a great choice for dancers when going to class. It provided a kind of special clothing that is tailor - made according to dancer’s own ideas, preference and inventive inspiration.

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