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3 ways to turn a bad day around

Positive thinking and attitude are some important issues to create happiness. I want to create something that can let people relax, reduced pressure from the busy materialistic life, and also to slow down in this fast-paced world. A sunny day, a flower blooming and walking in nature will bring positive energy and makes people feel comfortable. I want to adopt this feeling and include these nature elements in my campaign.


Traditional print media, like a postcard will be adapted. For the design of the postcard, I will leave some empty white space at the postcard, and audience are free to design/finish coloring the card(the idea is similar with an activity book), in order to reduce pressure from work and also cheer up themselves. The other one will be a mug design. I want to design something that they can use it in their everyday life/work. Then I will work with something that with body content, a brochure which will be distribute with the free morning newspapers in the MTR station. The content of the brochure will be about ways to let people cheer up and makes them to have a positive attitude. The format of the brochure will be similar as a newspaper, which will be easy to let audience carry and read in a fast pace.

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